Optimise your insurance business

Conceived out of a recognition that legacy insurance technology is burdened by clunkiness, inefficiency, and outdated thinking, Blue Leopard is an award-winning insurance solution that offers insurance businesses the security, scalability, and flexibility they need to become faster, smarter, and ready for whatever comes their way.
Template-driven configuration
Automate & optimise policy management tasks, enhance operational efficiency and accuracy, and make informed decisions.

Multiple distribution channels
Expand your reach, tap into diverse customer segments, capitalise on emerging markets and increase revenue streams.

We make you ready to anticipate challenges, seize opportunities, and navigate uncertainties with a secure and scalable technology base that is as responsive as you are:

Create dynamic products

With a flexible system that allows insurers to rapidly develop and customise offerings to meet evolving market needs, Blue Leopard significantly reduces development cycles from months to weeks. Our integrated, up-to-date rating models and analytics ensure accurate pricing and risk mitigation for products, while real-time automation facilitates the incorporation of innovative features and adjustments based on customer feedback and market trends.

Forge new markets

By leveraging Blue Leopard’s template-driven architecture and modular design, insurers can quickly adapt existing templates or create new ones to address the needs of emerging markets. Real-time automation and advanced analytics enable insurers to identify untapped market opportunities and tailor products accordingly. Moreover, our comprehensive market intelligence and data analytics capabilities empower insurers to strategically target and penetrate new market segments

Increase revenue streams

Blue Leopard boosts insurance revenue through efficient operations, rapid product launches, and integrated market access. By streamlining operations and utilising our template-driven system, insurers quickly adapt to market demands. Integrated channels make it easier to reach new markets, while accurate pricing and risk assessment ensure profitability. Even better, our automation and technology enhance the client experience to drive retention, attract new clients, and fuel revenue growth.

Identify trends & opportunities

Blue Leopard’s comprehensive data layer provides essential access to sophisticated analytic models and comprehensive market intelligence. This access ensures insurers remain ahead of the curve, adeptly adapting to evolving market dynamics. By leveraging and analysing vast amounts of granular data from diverse sources, insurers can use Blue Leopard to help them make informed decisions, pinpoint emerging patterns, and swiftly capitalise on insurance trends and opportunities.

Ready to work faster?

“Blue Leopard enabled us to design and launch a new insurance product in just 30 days”